Using CANVAS on Your Phone? Do Yourself a Favor and Install the App!

Doing things on your phone is smart. It’s always with you, it has all of your information, and it can do most everything that a computer can do.In working with students and faculty, I’ve noticed that many have been using CANVAS on their phone with an internet browser, e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Even when a website is optimized for a mobile browser the experience is lacking and in many ways not productive. Take a look at these screenshots from a smartphone:



Now take a look at the screenshots from the CANVAS app:


Keep in mind that we are talking about working on a five-inch phone screen and you can only do so much pinching and zooming to make it easier to work with.

When you download and start using the CANVAS app, you will find the layout is very easy to use. The app works great if you are looking at grades, assignments, or other tasks that do not take much keyboard or mouse input. If you are looking to do all of your work through the app your phone may not be the answer, but then again you can always attach a keyboard and mouse for a computer experience.

Add your comments and questions below and don’t forget you always have help with all things CANVAS related from the friendly staff in the WebCollege Department.

Download now from the store of your choice:

Google Play logo Available on the App Store logo Windows phone store logo



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