Readability makes reading internet articles enjoyable again

Reading on the internet is getting harder and harder. Depending on the websites you visit for personal reading or research it may be difficult to see┬áthe content you came to the site for. The confusion happens because of the increasing number of ads placed on websites and possibly the general layout of the site. One solution to this is to install an ad blocker for your browser. This method of simplifying web pages can be helpful but in the end we have to realize how the content is provided for our use, it’s through the ads. The option I recommend is a browser extension called Readability.

New to using Chrome Extensions?

google_chromeLet Chrome Browser Extensions Do The Work For You.

Readability provides a way to simplify a website, extract the article’s content, and leaves the ads and menu bars behind. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how this works.

From the video, you can see that reading the article is much easier when distractions are eliminated. Readability provides options (see below) for users to change the look from a day and night setting, font style, font size, and page margins.

Readability options

You can also choose to share the article in a number of different ways.

Readability sharing

Try Readability out and let others know what you like or dislike with comments below.


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