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Use this method to ace your next test

We all have things we want to learn. School provides opportunities for learning facts and information. If you are employed, a path to promotion may be certification tests. Then, of course, there is the important stuff, like memorizing the lineage of the Jedi and Sith clans. One method for learning that has been around for a while is the flashcard.

Flashcards date back to the 19th century and strategies to use them more efficiently were introduced not long after. Anki takes advantage of the history of the flashcard by using computer smarts and social power.

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Anki is a flashcard program that combines learning strategies for greater effectiveness. Active recall testing is the first method. When a lecture takes place or you read and then test yourself on the content, you are practicing active recall testing. Anki then uses a technique called spaced repetition to reinforce learning by showing the flashcards you are struggling with more often and the cards you have identified easily, less often. This is the computer smarts part in action.

Now to the social power of Anki. The program allows users to share flashcard decks they have developed to the online community. Searching Anki for Spanish brings up over 300 decks that have been shared. You can download a deck to use and also add cards to the deck if it doesn’t have everything you need. For those of you that are auditory or visual learners, you can add audio clips, images, and videos to emphasize your learning style.

Here is an intro video (don’t be discouraged by the length, you get the main point of Anki within the first 2 minutes)

The flexibility, ease of use, and proven results make Anki a great addition to prepare for your next test. Check out the links below to download for your device.

Anki for windows      Google Play logo      Available on the App Store logo




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