Let this app “keep” you organized

We all want to remember school and life responsibilities. If you are like me you have tried several methods for this; sticky notes, emails to yourself, ink all over your hand. Mobile devices help with this in a number of ways. The Google Keep app is a way to be organized with a simple and easy to use design that has powerful features.

At the core of Google Keep is the ability to create notes and lists, take pictures and make voice memos. The design and feel of Keep is very simplistic. You tap on the app icon or use the widget features (see screenshots below) in iOS or Android to create new entries.

Google Keep app android widget

Android Widget on home screen

Google Keep app iOS widget

iOS Widget through the Notifications center

These are the features that make Keep a keeper:

  • Cloud connectivity to sync between devices
  • The ability to share a note and collaborate with others (think group project or shopping list)
  • Color coding to associate similar items (e.g. Blue for school, Red for things that need to done)
  • Reminders based on:
    • time
    • location
  • Ability to send notes through email


Google Keep is great for staying organized and is only one of many, many possible solutions. Share what you use in the comments below. Who knows maybe you are using what someone else could really benefit from.

Google Play logo                       Available on the App Store logo




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