Upgrade your reading experience with Booktrack

As the semester winds down and the holidays are fast approaching, it’s time to find a great book.  Take your reading to new levels with a new way of reading, it’s called Booktrack.

Booktrack is unique in that you read the text as usual, but music and sounds are playing in the background to enhance the situation of the text. As the name implies, you have a book with a soundtrack. It’s an added element that pulls you into the story, helps you focus and in the end, increases comprehension and retention.

As someone who at times has difficulty blocking out inner thoughts or distractions from outside sources while reading, Booktrack helps avoid those distractions. This makes reading easy, and when reading is easy it becomes enjoyable.


Booktrack isn’t innovating just for the sake of readers, it has taken the idea into the classroom and that can make a big difference for learners. With the teacher platform, instructors are able to set up classes and assign Booktrack reading assignments, but it also lets students create their own Booktrack publications.

Don’t take my word for it. Get over to Booktrack and try out a book. You probably won’t be reading all of your books (the selection is limited but growing day-by-day) by way of Booktrack but I bet the experience will be unique and enjoyable enough that you will go back for more.

Booktrack is available as an app for Apple and Android, as a Chrome App and can also be used in most internet browsers.

Available on the App Store logoGoogle Play logo


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