Your screen habits may be affecting your sleep

There is no debating that sleep is important. We know that caffeine, alcohol, food  and many behaviors affect sleep patterns. The behavior that could be impacting sleep the most is our trusted companion…the smartphone.

The screens (smartphones, tablets, computers) that we use on a daily basis emit a blue light that is known to impact our bodies ability to produce melatonin, increase alertness and add to eye strain.  When these things happen it makes drifting off to sleep harder than it should be.

A fix to this problem is to go by the recommendation to stop using screens an hour before sleeping. That is great in theory, but I think we know ourselves well enough to know this isn’t happening. The next best option is to use a blue light filter app. Twilight is an Android option that works great and provides helpful features. Below, Suhas Nadiga breaks down Twilight for us.



Sadly, there is no option like Twilight for Apple device users. The best I can do is suggest lowering the screen brightness or the other choice is to use the iOS settings. Go to:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Invert Colors

Let everyone know if you have a strategy for eliminating blue light in the comments below. Need an option for reducing eye strain on your computer? Ask and you shall receive.




  1. A solution that worked for me was to go and visit my eye doctor. He prescribed me an anti-glare coating on my eye glasses that have helped tremendously with eye strains. I spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of screens (computer screens, cell phone screen, tv screens, etc) and at my young age, I’m glad the anti-glare coating was made for this new tech-savy generation.


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