11 Mouse Clicks to a More Organized You

One of the key ingredients to being successful in college is organization. If you are organized you know when assignments and tests are due, you are able to manage your time wisely, and ultimately succeed. For those that are well organized it doesn’t just happen, they have developed a system and follow it.

An organization system does not have to be complex, it just needs to be something that you believe in and use. For some, using a paper planner is what works best. It’s easy to use and even provided at no cost to TMCC students through the Student Government Association. 

TMCC uses Google for several things, so everyone automatically has a Google calendar.  The functionality of this calendar is great because it syncs between all the devices you use. By adding your CANVAS calendar to your Google calendar, you will have no excuses for not getting your work done.

Watch this video on how to set it up and the text instructions are below.

  1. Log into CANVAS
  2. Go to your Calendar page
  3. Click on the Calendar Feed link in the lower right-hand side
  4. Click on “click here to view the feed”
  5. Sign into your Google account and open the calendar (ask for help if you don’t know how to access the calendar)
  6. Click the settings button
  7. Click on the calendars tab
  8. Click on import calendar
  9. Click “Browse”
  10. Select the ICS file (probably in your downloads folder)
  11. Click “Import”

                  Download the Google Calendar app for your phone:



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