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One Sheet Of Paper Can Do So Much

In my opinion, the best type of technology is what you are comfortable with and like using. Technology doesn’t need to be new, shiny, or expensive to be valuable. For those of you that like using a pen/pencil, dislike thinking about the amount of battery left on your device all the time, and like the idea of one sheet of paper to handle daily planner duties. The PocketMod is for you.

PocketMod is website developed for people that want an easy to use daily planner that can be made to fit your needs. PocketMod, at its most basic, is a customizable paper planner that uses one sheet of paper, and with 1 cut and 5 folds, you have a booklet that can easily fit in your pocket. Within the program you have options to include a variety of different pages:

  • Writing guides- Lines, Music Tab
  • Calendars- Day, Week, Year
  • Organizers- To do list, Food diary
  • References- Conversions, Formulas
  • Games- Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe



I find the PocketMod to be particularly useful to capture ideas and add to and complete to-do lists. Customization is definitely the name of the game for the PocketMod. Try it out today.

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