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Guess What College Provides Computer Software to Help You Succeed? Your College…TMCC!

TMCC provides a wide variety of resources to help students succeed:

Academic Advisement     Career Center     Counseling     Tutoring & Learning    

TMCC also provides students with the opportunity to use computer software to help increase college success at the low, low price of $0.

Premier Literacy is a software bundle that helps with reading, writing, and study skills. Since Premier has so many features, it is a matter of determining what type of assistance you want. The software is available on TMCC computers, on all campuses. Read about the main features below and watch the videos to see how great this program is.


For those that have difficulty with reading comprehension, concentrating while reading, or knowing what words mean, the Scan and Read program is the way to go.

The program allows for scanning of your physical book and class handouts so they are transferred into an electronic format. From here you can have the program read your book to you while you follow along or convert the text to an MP3 file for use wherever you have a player.

 Click on the logo for an introduction to turning printed documents into electronic versions:
                                                                   Scan and Read logo


Difficulties with writing are common. By using the Talking Word Processor, you have access to a word processor that has most of the features of Microsoft Word, with a less stimulating display to concentrate on the writing. Other features include an easy to use dictionary (just double click on any word) and thesaurus with the program identifying confusables (words that sound alike) too.

The program also includes word prediction (think Google search trying to predict what you are looking for) for writers that have a difficult time with spelling or finding the right word. Lastly, the program can read your paper back to you, which is always a recommended practice to catch mistakes.

Take a look at writing options with Premier, click on the logo below

Talking Word Processor logo


The study features in Premier are beneficial once you have turned your book or materials into electronic documents. After you’ve done this you have some pretty powerful tools.

You have the ability to highlight text in a variety of colors. This can come in handy when you are trying to sort out your material. Here comes the cool part, the software will extract the highlighted content and move it to a new document with the different colors organized together. The instant study guide, gotta love that!

Click on the logo for a way to pull highlights out of notes to study

Premier Study toolbar

For more information leave a comment below, go to Premier Literacy’s website or contact Thomas Kearns in the DRC (tkearns@tmcc.edu 775.673.7277) for information on how this can be put on your laptop for use at school and home.



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