Make The Most Out Of Your Online Research With Something That is Super and Simple

When you are reading online for pleasure or research you come across information that you want to save. There are lots of methods for saving websites to review later but why not take advantage of the reading you have done already. With Super Simple Highlighter you can read the information once and have it available later.

Super Simple Highlighter (SSH) is a Google Chrome extension that allows a user to highlight text on a webpage. You have the choice of seven different colors to highlight text.

SSH highlight example


Once you have highlighted text it gets saved to the SSH options page. From here you can just click on the link and it will take you back to the site, with all of your highlighting intact.

Options page with websites

For a quick rundown of the highlights on a webpage, you can click on the SSH icon and it will list all of the highlights on the page.

SSH web page list of highlights

The name is very appropriate because it is Super, Simple and it highlights.Watch the video below to see SSH in action.


New to using Chrome Extensions?

google_chromeLet Chrome Browser Extensions Do The Work For You.


Get Super Simple Highlighter here: Google Play logo



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