The Note System For All Your Needs- Evernote

At some point, we all have to decide what our preferred method of saving information is. Some like their phones default note program, others may use Google Docs that can sync with other devices, and some may like the proven technique of pen and paper. Evernote provides a way to use the method you prefer best to manage your life electronically.

The natural place to start your introduction to Evernote is an overview of features:

The video highlighted the main functions of Evernote:

  1. A way to capture things  (notes, pictures, videos, recordings, recipes)
  2. Save the things you want
  3. Share to connected devices
  4. Organize and search/find the things you’ve saved

Don’t be intimidated by all the things Evernote can do. Set up an account, start a new note, add some things you want to be saved, or upload some photos. There are many, many articles and videos on features and how to use Evernote, below are just a few. Next week we’ll take a look at Evernote Webclipper and remember, Tech4Ed is YOUR resource, ask a question!

How to Use Evernote For College

Evernote Tips: How Students Can Use Evernote To Be More Organized

6 Ways You Can Use Evernote to Dominate Your Classes

Sign Up for Evernote Here: evernote logo







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