Let instaGrok Make The Connections

First things first, grok is a verb meaning to understand thoroughly and intuitively. Grok was first used in the Robert A. Heinlein science-fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land (1961). instaGrok is a way to learn about new things or get a deeper understanding of topics by letting software do the work for you.

instaGrok is not an easy thing to explain, even the developers have a hard time defining it. Search engine, information aggregator, interactive learning tool, scenic journey, and my own attempt, concept maps on steroids, are some of the terms to get your head around instaGrok. Here’s your introduction video.


In case you didn’t catch the important features:

  • Automatically generated visual graph
  • Key facts for all concepts
  • Web site listing for more resources
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Ability to take and save notes
  • Automatically generated quiz

instaGrok Algebra

instaGrok is a really great way to find information. With an instant link to the information that is provided, the ability to save and share searches, and the opportunity to journal and quiz yourself, instaGrok is great for simple searches and in-depth research.

instaGrok is available on the website and as iOS and Android apps. Try it out and tell me you aren’t impressed with the speed and amount of information provided!

instaGrok logo            Google Play logo              Available on the App Store logo



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