Drippler Finds Information and Apps For The Device In Your Hand

Have you ever read an article about the latest and greatest app that you are sure will change your life? Only to find out that it’s not available for your phone or tablet.  Drippler is a way to get information about apps, system tips, and troubleshooting information specifically for the device you have. No more reading articles that do not pertain to you!

Drippler is an app available for Android and Apple devices that will provide relevant information for your device. Go to the app store of your choice, install, and the app analyzes your device and operating system.

Drippler Nexus screenshot       Drippler iPad screenshot

The next step is to start using the app and finding out about other apps, tips, and general information about your device.

Drippler iPad screen example.PNG

Standard features include the ability to bookmark an article to find it later, being able to “heart” articles that you like to help the app find the information that you want most, and of course the option to share any way you want.

Screenshot Android with heart like

Google play store logo                    Available on the App Store logo



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