Girl using the whisperphone

Make the Most of Your Time by Using a Phone and Whispering

Everyone has that friend that is able to read a textbook or class handout and they remember all of the information. Everyone dislikes that friend! Comprehension and being able to retain all that is read is a skill that most do not have. I am one of the masses that when reading I get to the end of the page and ask myself, “what did I just read?” If you are like me, stay focused and continue reading, the Whisperphone may be just what you need.

The Whisperphone is very basic, it’s a hollow piece of plastic that takes your spoken words and delivers them directly to your ear to listen to. The whisperphone allows for auditory feedback (hearing what you’re reading) which helps you remember and concentrate while also helping to block out distractions around you. What it lacks in high tech it makes up for in brain stimulation.

What is the Whisperphone good for?

  • Concentrating while reading
  • Remembering what you read
  • A noisy reading environment
  • Learning a new language
  • Maximizing your study time
  • Preparing for a speech or class presentation
  • Editing a writing assignment

The whisperphone was invented for younger students learning to read but it is a great tool for students of all ages and professionals for the reasons listed above and many more. Don’t take my word for it, stop by RDMT 114, ask for Scott, and try one out for a few minutes. You will “hear” the difference.


Whisperphone Website



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