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Use the Pomodoro Technique to Get Your Work Done

With the semester in full swing, you should have a routine for studying. A routine that you follow on most, if not all, days to make the most of your time and be prepared. If you haven’t found a strategy yet, the Pomodoro Technique may be what you are looking for.

The Pomodoro Technique is a strategy to finish school and work tasks. If you follow the complete technique your school and work tasks will be clearly defined and you will be able to plan your schedule in advance to concentrate on other things you enjoy. Watch this video for the full Pomodoro Technique.

The reason for only including a link to the video is because you may find following the full technique to be cumbersome…I did. Like any strategy, take what works for you.

Fractus Learning breaks down the modified technique below:


I’ve used the modified technique for some time now and my main takeaway is that when I am studying or working I can relax and stay focused for that 25 minute period. The main reason is that I know the timer will be ringing soon and I get a break. In the past, when not using this method, time was my enemy, I was overwhelmed with the amount of work and it was difficult to get started. This way I jump in and get going. Check out the 2 Minute Study Tips video from Study Advice to see the Pomodoro technique in action.




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