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Make Usernames/Passwords Easy to Use

The more online content you use, the more user accounts you are going to have. Those usernames and passwords can become difficult to manage and remember. Finding a strategy that works for you will help simplify your life.

Password management comes in all shapes and sizes and all strategies have pros and cons. Whatever you choose to use it will save you time in the end and lessen the amount of time spent on clicking those “Forgot your Password?” links. Take a look at the options and choose one for a more efficient life.

***This article is assuming that you are not using the same password for all accounts. Don’t use the same password for everything! You are asking for trouble if you do.***

pile of sticky notes      Sticky Notes/Paper

This can work ok if you only have a few accounts.


  • Easy to write down


  • Easy to lose
  • Can be easily taken by others

microsoft-word-and-excel-logos        Document/Spreadsheet


  • Easy to use
  • Can be password protected


  • Only accessible on your computer

picture of generic login for username and password     Password Manager Software

This is software that you can install on your computer.


  • Security provided by the program
  • Information is safe on your computer


  • Only accessible on your computer


KeePass Password Safe

Password Safe

picture of computer, laptop computer, tablet and phone     All in one Password Managers

These services are accessed online and passwords are saved on the company’s equipment.


  • Available on all devices: computer, laptop, tablet, phone
  • access to usernames/passwords anytime
  • Can automatically log-in to websites when using the manager’s site
  • When logged in, automatically asks to add new username/password information


  • Must be connected to the internet
  • Potentially vulnerable to a data breach




In the end, no password system is 100% guaranteed, but using a strategy is much better than resetting passwords all the time. If you don’t have a strategy, pick one or ask for more information in the comments. Already using something? Share what you like and dislike about your system.


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