ReWordify Modifies Perplexing Terminology Into Easy to Understand Words

Have you ever read a class textbook or a novel and had a hard time understanding what you were reading because of the words used? Whether you are reading for a class or just for pleasure, ReWordify simplifies text so you can understand.

an example of rewordify changing difficult words into ones more easily understood

ReWordify has a variety of options to help increase comprehension of reading material. The core feature of ReWordify allows you to paste text into a box and the difficult words are simplified. The ReWordify settings give you control of how the words are displayed.

ReWordify settings for displaying hard words with level of difficulty and highlight choices

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The website also allows for a copy and paste of a website address to ReWordify the entire web page. Need a vocabulary list? ReWordify will take a bank of words and provide the definitions for you. Do you have a piece of classic literature you’ve tried to read like A Tale of Two Cities (I’ve tried three times! or the Declaration of Independence? ReWordify has a long list of public domain books for you to read.


If you’re wondering how to get that physical text into an electronic format to use with ReWordify, look no further:

logo of premier literacy Guess What College Provides Computer Software to Help You Succeed? Your College…TMCC!

The beauty of Rewordify is that you are able to understand what you are reading while also learning difficult words. The best way to get started is to watch the video below and then go over and work through the “Demo” located at the top right corner of the page.


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