Use 3 Words to Beat Stress

We all have stress. Chronic stress, physical stress…it follows us everywhere. It turns out that saying three words can turn stress and anxiety into an opportunity instead of a dreaded event. 

The three words…(drumroll)…I am Excited. These three words will not magically stop your heart pounding when taking a math test or make your sweaty armpits go away when speaking in public. They can trigger your brain to think of your stressful situation as a positive experience. Olga Khazan from The Atlantic took to the karaoke stage to test the theory out.



Stress Relievers image Chrome Apps Want to Help You With Your Stress…Let Them Do Their Job!


If that didn’t convince you, dig a little deeper with a TED talk from health psychologist Kelly McGonigal. As she explains it, by approaching your stress in a positive way, you will not only have better experiences but there may be major health benefits.



The bottom line is that you will have stress, how you react to it is up to you.




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