Memorize Chrome Extension Lets You Study While Being Online

The internet is an addictive force! Use your time online as an opportunity to learn with Memorize.With the Memorize extension, you can take advantage of that time online by answering questions. If you have a test you are preparing for or want to learn new vocabulary words, setting up this Chrome extension can help.


The steps are as follows:

  1. Install the Memorize Chrome Extension
  2. Open the extension by clicking on the icon
  3. Type in the questions and answers
  4. Set the interval for the time between questions
  5. Click Start

picture showing the memorize extension with questions and answers

Google logo Let Chrome Extensions Do the Work For You


To save time when you have multiple things you want to be quizzed on, some users have suggested typing your questions and answers in a document and then paste them into Memorize. However you use this extension you will be better off in the end by maximizing your time, even when you may be procrastinating online.



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