Blow Up Your Study Break With the Chrome Extension Take a Five

Final exams are quickly approaching. Taking breaks while studying is a recommendation that you should do.  Don’t let those breaks turn into study killers, use Take a Five to get a break and get back on track. 

screenshot of take a five webpage to start a break session

Depending on your ability to stay focused on a task, experts recommend you try to study for 25-50 minutes and then take a short break. If you like to take your break by checking things out on the computer, we know how the wormhole of the internet works. You start by looking at one thing with the intention of stopping but then the links taking you to other interesting websites start, and down the hole you go.

The Take a Five extension allows you to choose the amount of time for your break and then choose a website you want to visit. After selecting the website, Take a Five will send you to the site and after the time you chose is over the website tab explodes and you can go back to studying.

take a five screenshot showing the time selected and website options to choose

Is this a foolproof system for getting work done…of course not! That is up to you, but this is another tool to help keep you on track.

extension-iconTake a Five


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