Don’t let Hunting and Pecking Slow You Down. Start Using Speechnotes.

When you have a writing assignment, don’t let your keyboarding skills slow you down. You have the thoughts in your head, use Speechnotes to get them out.

Speechnotes is a Chrome App that is available on the Chrome Web Store or available at the website: The app/website allows you to speak to your computer and the words appear on the screen. This process has many names associated with it: Voice Recognition, Siri, Speech-to-Text, Dictation, Google Now. All of these turn your spoken words into digital text.

This is a great solution to give your hands a break or maybe you are like a lot of people, and just prefer to speak instead of type. Before you start using Speechnotes remember the four basic steps to being successful with Speech-to-Text:

  1. Think It
  2. Say It
  3. Check It
  4. Fix it



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