Don’t let Hunting and Pecking Slow You Down. Start Using Speechnotes.

When you have a writing assignment, don’t let your keyboarding skills slow you down. You have the thoughts in your head, use Speechnotes to get them out. (more…)


Start the Semester Right- Get Your Free Technology Tools

You’ve already paid for classes and books and all of those other added fees (trust me, I know, I’m a student at UNLV). Take advantage of being a student at TMCC with technology made available to you at no cost. The first article of this semester is highlighting past posts talking about technology you need!

Do you need a USB Drive? Go back to the TMCC Facebook page and Share the post.

You could be the lucky individual with a new USB Drive.

Office 365 education programs Get Microsoft Office at the totally affordable cost of…$0!

PremierLogoUse Premier to help with Reading, Writing, and Studying

Canvas logo  2   Using Canvas on your phone? Get the app.

As always this is your place to ask for help on the technology you are using to be successful at school. Ask a question with the comments below or stop by the Red Mountain building, Room 114 and ask for Scott.

Drippler Finds Information and Apps For The Device In Your Hand

Have you ever read an article about the latest and greatest app that you are sure will change your life? Only to find out that it’s not available for your phone or tablet.  Drippler is a way to get information about apps, system tips, and troubleshooting information specifically for the device you have. No more reading articles that do not pertain to you! (more…)

The Note System For All Your Needs- Evernote

At some point, we all have to decide what our preferred method of saving information is. Some like their phones default note program, others may use Google Docs that can sync with other devices, and some may like the proven technique of pen and paper. Evernote provides a way to use the method you prefer best to manage your life electronically. (more…)

image of a mind map example

Let Mind Maps help show you the way

We’ve all been in the situation of having to write a research paper. The most difficult part for me is getting started. What are the important topics? How do topics relate to each other? What order should my topics be presented in? If you have these questions or need a better way to take notes and study and haven’t used mind maps, keep reading, your life is about to get a little easier. (more…)