When Reading for Information, Just Opening the Book isn’t Enough.

Of all the things you will be expected to do during college and your career, reading is the exercise you will probably do the most. Take a few minutes to learn the PRR method to make reading more interesting and in the end remember and learn more. (more…)

Girl using the whisperphone

Make the Most of Your Time by Using a Phone and Whispering

Everyone has that friend that is able to read a textbook or class handout and they remember all of the information. Everyone dislikes that friend! Comprehension and being able to retain all that is read is a skill that most do not have. I am one of the masses that when reading I get to the end of the page and ask myself, “what did I just read?” If you are like me, stay focused and continue reading, the Whisperphone may be just what you need. (more…)

Drippler Finds Information and Apps For The Device In Your Hand

Have you ever read an article about the latest and greatest app that you are sure will change your life? Only to find out that it’s not available for your phone or tablet.  Drippler is a way to get information about apps, system tips, and troubleshooting information specifically for the device you have. No more reading articles that do not pertain to you! (more…)